New Store Arriving this Week in Cookeville!

We are getting a new pet supply store in town this wee!.  The new store is Pet Supplies Plus and they will be going in by the Wal-Mart off of Jefferson Ave.  their grand opening will be occurring this weekend from April 11th to April 13th.  they are planning all sorts of give a ways and freebies that you can see on their flier we have attached to this post.

We will also have a booth at their store on Friday and Saturday adopting out some of the dogs from our shelter to their forever homes.  So come on out to 768 S. Jefferson Ave. and you might find yourself a new best friend and everything they need all in one place.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Shelter Update

Hello Everyone,
It’s been a while since we last posted on our site. We’ve been going through some changes here at the shelter and are starting to get our bearings again. So today we’ll try to give a short update about the shelters current situation and some information on how we will be approaching this site.

Firstly I would like to thank those of you whom visit our Facebook page regularly, it is the place where you can see the most up-to-date happenings at the shelter as it is the fastest and most convenient method for us to promote our animals for everyone to see. If you have not visited us yet you can find our page at we also post interesting stories and articles related to animal care from time to time.

Now, yes the rumors are true a new shelter building is in the works and the plans for the building are being finalized. It will be located out on Gainesboro Grade right next to the Hyder Burks Pavilion. It will be a much larger facility than what we are currently using and have all brand new equipment and we’re hoping that construction will begin later this year. If you would like to see a copy of the basic layout we have copies at the shelter and I believe we posted a copy of the plans on our Facebook page as well.

Currently we are taking in a large number of animals as this tends to be the season where we see a large influx. If you are looking for a new animal companion please do not hesitate to come and see us here at the shelter and we will try to help you find your next best friend. We are also working with several rescues in the area to mitigate the influx we are receiving, but we still need people like you to help us find homes for all of our animals. If you do not think that you have room in your family for another animal, but would still like to foster one of our animals, we would like that you please contact a rescue group first as many have a network of foster families that they work with in order to house as many animals as possible in temporary homes until they find their forever home, and as of now we are only able to foster through these rescues.

As to our webpage here, we will begin posting regularly again, (the login info got misplaced while we were reorganizing some of our files, sorry). We will not update it as regularly as the Facebook page, but we will try to bring you some new and interesting items a few times each month as well as any information on events that we attend or any significant changes to our shelter that may affect you in the community.

Okay, so now that’s out of the way I would just like to say thank you for supporting our shelter and I sincerely hope you continue to do so and we will continue to care for those animals who are still looking for their forever home. Remember to spay and neuter your pets!

Several Events Upcoming!

Hello again everyone, we have a lot of news for you today.  Firstly we will be attending Bark in the Park which sponsored by The Friends of Cookeville/Putnam County Animal Shelter and is scheduled for October 6th at Algood City Park.  There will be many activities and contests to participate in as well as the Walk for the Animals pledge walk that will begin at 10 a.m.

Secondly, there will be a 24 hour adoption Marathon sponsored by the Cookeville Tractor Supply Co. on October 13th to the 14th from 9 a.m. – 9 a.m.  We will be attending along with  A.A.R.F, Open Heart Animal Rescue, Homeward Bound Canine Rescue, and Warren County Humane Society and Animal Shelter.

Lastly, we will be attending the 2012 Upper Cumberland Country Music Festival at the Putnam County Fairgrounds on October 20th from 11-5 (possibly even longer!).  Feel free to come out and help support the shelter and all of the animals that we care for. We will be bringing many animals that will be up for adoption.

October is looking to be a very busy month for the shelter, so we ask that if you are looking for a furry friend or a cuddly companion please come and visit the Putnam County Animal Shelter and adopt a friend for life.

A Special Thanks to Everyone

We would like to send a Special Thank you to everyone who donated to to the shelter during Abel Gardens Good Neighbor Day! We would especially like to thank Able Gardens for hosting this event and all of your donations will help us in caring for all of our sheltered animals.  Once again thank you for donating and we hope you think of us if you ever have need of a furry friend.

FTD Good neighbor Day!

Wednesday, September 5th if you bring in a donation to Abel Gardens at 620 s. Jefferson ave. in Adam’s Place for the Cookeville/Putnam Co. animal shelter, you will receive a Dozen Roses… Absolutely FREE!

Items that are needed include:

  • Purina kitten & puppy chow
  • Clay cat litter (non-clumping)
  • Cedar chip bedding
  • Clorox bleach
  • Liquid laundry detergent (without bleach)
  • cat carriers (medium & large)
  • monetary donations are greatly appreciated

so don’t forget to get your free dozen roses on september 5th from Abel Gardens!

Contact information for Putnam County animals

Here we would like to share with everyone contact information for veterinary offices in Putnam county.

Copeland Veterinary Clinic:                                             Animal Medical Clinic:

Phone #:(931)-528-1111                                                    Phone #: (931)-528- 8805

Fax #: (931-528-7030                                                        Fax #: (931)-372-0140


Flatt Veterinary Clinic:                                                  Boyd Veterinary Clinic:

Phone #: (931)-528-6421                                                  Phone #: (931)-528-8805

Fax #: (931)-528-5604


House Veterinarian (Dr. Tyler Verble):

Phone #: (931)-267-2298


Additionally we would like to post the contact information for our County Animal Control Officers.

The City of Algood: (931)-537-6830

The City of Baxter: (931)-858-4111

The City of Cookeville: (931)-526-2125

The City of Monterey: (931)-839-2323

Putnam County: (931)-537-3647


We hope this information will help direct you to the proper resources that you are seeking.




Hazzard Life Benefit

The Cookeville/ Putnam County Animal Shelter is excited to announce that Hazzard Life will be hosting a benefit for the Shelter July 28th from 11:00am til 4:00pm in the PETCO parking lot on west Jackson st.  Get your picture taken with the cars from the the Dukes of Hazzard!  Photos will be 5 dollars and all proceeds from the photos will go to the Cookeville/ Putnam County Animal Shelter.  Also with us will be the Humane Society, Bless the Bullies Rescue, and A.A.R.F.  Monetary donations and needed items such as; cedar chip bedding, Bleach, dog collars and leashes, food and cat litter are always accepted.  Please come out and help support your local animal shelter and rescue groups.

CPCAS Gets A New Transport Van

CPCAS received a new van from an anonymous donor. It is to be used to transfer dogs to and from the clinic and to go to all of our fundraising events.